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Trask Turbo System for the Victory Motorcycle

Turbo Victory Motorcycle


Trask EFI Victory Turbo System

Designed For 2003 & Later Victory non fairng line of bikes. When it comes to reliability and  performance look no further.  With its smooth, predictable, streetable power this turbo system is a much needed add on for any Victory Rider.  Wheather it be cruising up and down the boulevard, the coast to coast trips, or the quick trips this will put another level of fun to your ride.  This system is designed as a bolt on for the stock Victory engine.  No need to get into the engine.  This systems makes peak HP and TQ right where you need it, between 3,000 and 4,500 RPM’s.  This system is a 100% complete bolt on and runs on premium pump gas.  This system is pre set at 8lbs of boost. 

System Includes

  • Stainless Steel Head Pipe w/heat shields
  • Stainless Steel Tail Pipe with heat  shield
  • High flow muffler with billet tip
  • Modified Garrett GT Series turbo w/8lb actuator
  • Trask Intercooler w/billet top cap
  • Billet B.o.v.
  • Billet boost gauge kit,
  • A complete hardware kit (which includes high flow injectors and NGK Spark Plugs)
  • Step by step instruction packet and Map CD